Get Traction - Five Questions to Brainstorm In This Disrupted Environment

Cheese Has Been Moved – Now What?

Reference to "Who Moved my Cheese", a book on how to respond to disruptive change

1.   What is the purpose / mission of the organization?

    a.  It is important to start this off by reviewing the business or non-profit's purpose or mission - and keep it in the forefront throughout.  

2.   What has changed relative to completing mission?   Likely will be multiple changes internally and externally in the environment, including changes to clients, capture them all by category (internal/external)

3.   How has the mission been impacted by the changes?  Could be multiple impacts, capture them all.

4.   In light of changes and impacts, what strategy changes can be made to most optimally achieve mission objectives in new environment?

    a.  What new strategies can be considered to mitigate disruptions caused by changes?

    b.  Have new circumstances created new opportunities to achieve mission objectives?

    c.  Play out new strategies to uncover any possible unintended consequences that need to be considered. 

     d.  Hunkering down is an option, is it the best option? 

5.  What is the best mix of strategies?   Identify the best mix to optimally achieve mission objectives of the organization.

Provided by Bill Piersol of Synergy by Design.  If this has been useful or if you have any questions, please contact him at or at 757-663-2175